Basics of Dart Throwing Technique

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Are you stuck in home quarantine and do not know what to do for fun? Why not pick up a new sport or hobby like darts? The game of darts is very simple and yet addictive, and you can utilise this time at home to master your techniques. If you need dart supplies including dartboards, dart flights, dart accessories etc, there are many online stores at your disposal that offer quality products.

Here are some basic on dart throwing technique:

The grip

The grip is the first thing when it comes to dart throwing technique. The way one grips a dart differs from person to person depending on what works for them. Most people when they pick up a dart form a natural and comfortable grip. The most popular grip that comes naturally to many is the pencil grip. The most common grip technique is to position your thumb beneath your forefinger with your middle finger clutching the dart towards the front of the barrel or resting on the point.

The stance

The stance is the way you stand and position your body before throwing the dart at the throw line. To be consistent you must position your whole body in a comfortable manner that comes naturally to you as you prepare to throw and offers you much stability. A simple way to attain this is to keep both feet affix to the ground and your foot against the throw line.

The throw

Once you are at the stance, you are ready to throw. Only your arm must move while throwing. The aim is to consistently throw in a manner like one throws paper planes with your upper arms parallel to the ground and the wrist at a right angle. Lastly, draw your arm backwards and then with a forward motion release the dart with force, landing it on the dartboard.

Now that you know the basic techniques it is time for you to try and master them practically. Go ahead and get yourself a new dartboard and a set of darts and improve your techniques like a pro.

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