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Do you want good content insurance for all of the content of your company? Go to website of Insurance Focus. On this website you will find a lot of information on this topic. You can also find insurance companies that best fit you as a company.

Insurance against theft

Based on inventory and contents insurance, theft is only covered after there has been broken into your warehouse or office that is being used by the one that owns the insurance. Under the Omnium Risk Insurance (UAV) inventory and property insurance, damage as a result of vandalism is also covered if the offender has entered the property unlawfully. For more information about burglary insurance, go to the Insurance Focus website.

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Water Damage

Water damage is covered to a limited extent. The types of water damage that is covered by a UAV are: damage caused by the unforeseen ingress of precipitation, rain, snow, melting snow and hail through roofs, windows, balconies as a result of overflowing or leaking gutters or above-ground drains, Unforeseen outflow of water from water pipes, the appliances connected to them, sprinkler systems, central heating installations and air conditioners. A couple of polisses needs there to be a sudden occurrence of a malfunction. Most of the time this is not the case. Think of a dishwasher drain hose popping out of a drain pipe, Breakage and leakage from an aquarium. In addition to the water damage caused by the breakage, many policies also cover damage to the aquarium itself and its contents.

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