Netherlands company register

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If you’re interested in setting up a Dutch company, the first step is to register your company by the Dutch Business register at the Dutch Chamber of Commerce. In the Netherlands, you’re considered a business if you provide goods or services to customers for a profit.  If you like to register a Dutch corporate registry or a branche from a foreign established company, the local specialists from ‘Set up your Dutch company’ are able to help you out with the Netherlands company register.


Maybe you’ve already learned about the advantages of setting up a Dutch company. In the Netherlands there are a lot of business opportunities and benefits for new business owners. For example, one of the mainly benefits for Dutch business owners are the attractive low corporate taxes. For a profit up to 200.000 euro, you’ll only pay a 20% tax and for profits above 200.000 euro only a 25% tax. Thereby, the Dutch VAT authorisation is very accessible for Dutch company owners and are willing to discuss the tax position in a constructive manner. Also, they are able to issue the Advance Tax Rulings and Advance Pricing Agreements, so there’s no uncertainty for Dutch company owners.

If you like to learn more about the several benefits for the Dutch company owner, please contact us.

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