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Marketing resource management is essential for a lots of companies. Streamline and manage your marketing content as a retailer, get organized and periodic statistics and rapports to manage your agencies, automate private label manufacturing processes or organize and automate forms for your financial institutions. All this and more can by done with the modular software provided by

Cost-effective business management provides fully modular software solutions. Instead of selling a product and managing it from their ivory tower, their representatives integrate themselves into your employee’s daily routines. Analyzing, detecting and designing automation solutions for time-intensive manual processes is their specialty.

Such customized software catered to the needs of each individual client can massively reduce work costs by optimizing the workflow and reducing the employee’s time spent per client. That means they can handle more clients in less time.

Proven effectiveness

Of course there is an extreme amount of clutter when it comes to products and services. Each and every sector is filled with company’s offering the same or close to the same product as their competitors. That’s why it’s important for (future) clients to know what quality they can expect from a supplier. Fortunately, has provided their services to many small and huge companies like Coop, Fleggaard and Hogarth.

Since the company was founded in 2001, the company’s creed has been to provide stable and reliable marketing data by analysing, organizing and reporting on large incoming data streams and providing them to clients. That’s how Encode has been making clients happy for 19 years and going!

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