The watch Now Helps You Find the Perfect Gift

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Time please

I always struggle with what to buy my other half for his birthday as he is very particular and has his own sense of style. But the selection of watches at the Watch Now made it easy for me to browse and choose the perfect stylish watch for him. The delivery was fast and there was actually a discount offer the day I bought it, so I managed to save some extra money too. Best of all, Watch Now actually offer a gift wrapping service, so I didn’t need to worry about gift wrapping it myself after it arrived.


So Many Watches to Choose From

Watch Now offer three main collections – Bold, Fine and Exclusive – so it was simple for me to navigate the site and find what I was looking for. The watches in the Bold collection were ideal for my boyfriend as these watches are timeless and can go with pretty much any outfit. The straps can be interchangeable too, so I knew whichever one I picked he could always changed it if he preferred. I loved this watch so much I actually wear it myself sometimes! The Cognac Brown colour is my favourite and I am thinking about purchasing one for myself – the Mesh Gold from the Exclusive collection is stunning and I could wear it to work or for a night out.

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