Tine K Home Danish design & interior

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Tine K Home

Shop the most exhilarating furniture and home decor online at the Tine K Home website. This Danish interior design expert in creating rustic and soothing atmospheres with their furniture for both in- and outdoor. Create your own la place with their bamboo tables and chairs, enjoy a hot summer day on a bamboo daybed or clothe your terrace with lovely modernistic accoya furniture.

Tine K Home

Widely represented

Even though Tine K Home is decidedly Danish, they ship their products all across the world. Their official representatives are spread across the entirety of Europe. It doesn’t end there though. If you happen to know any premium furniture stores around your neighbourhood, they most likely have Tine K Home products in their stores. Truly, the uniqueness of their designs can’t and hasn’t been mimicked by anyone. 

Besides furniture and small home decor items, Tine K Home also sells a wide range of additional products. A product line complementary to their furniture would be their calming lamps and ceiling lights. If that doesn’t chill you out enough don’t fret, because their very own clothing line will undoubtedly make you as comfy and cozy as you’ve never been.

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