Used Diesel Engines

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Used diesel engines

The secret of buying used diesel engines is in the details. There are many types of engines, both in design and capacity. Buyers should get them from dealers who have the ability and expertise to maintain and keep them in excellent working conditions. The used engines range from Caterpillar, Cummins, Detroit Diesel, Scania and Volvo, among others.

Used diesel engines

Types of Used Engines


  • 6M 19.3 – it produces 450HP and makes 1800 RPM.
  • 6M 26.2S – a 500HP engine with 1800 RPM. It has a mechanical governor and a dry turbo system.
  • 6M 26.3 – a 660HP diesel engine with 1800 RPM. It has a mechanical governor, Keel cooling system and a 14” flywheel.


  • DI12-70M-CCNR2 – produces a maximum of 450HP with an 1800 RPM. The engine has an electric governor and a water-cool exhaust system.
  • DI12 41 M02E IMO – a 360HP used diesel engine with an 1800 RPM. It has an electric governor, a cool-keel cooling system, and a dry turbo.
  • DS11 14L 01 – a modest 280HP engine with 1800 RPM. The governor is mechanical with a dry turbo and exhaust system.


  • S6A2-MPTA – makes 1500RPM on a 436HP engine. The governor is mechanical with a water-cooled exhaust system. It is one of the oldest used diesel engines on the list.
  • S6B-MPTA – a 310HP engine making 1500 RPM. The governor is hydraulic, a dry turbo and weighs 1382kgs.

Detroit Diesel

  • 16V92TA – a powerful 830HP engine producing 1800RPM. The turbo and exhaust system are water-cooled with a mechanical governor.
  • 16V71N – a 480HP engine making 1800 RPMs. It doesn’t have a turbo but has a water-cooled exhaust system and a mechanical governor.

Other used diesel engines include:-


Volvo Penta



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