Want to organise an 80’s theme party?

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Do you want to throw back to the 80’s and organise an eighties theme party? You’ll probably want to include as many 80’s nostalgic ideas and items as you can. There are tons of fun ideas to help you make your eighties theme party memorable.

An 80’s DJ

The eighties were defined by its music. If you’re planning an 80’s party you will need to compile an 80’s playlist. But this is hardly impossible and will take much of your time. To be sure the playlist includes all the hits from the eighties it’s the best option to hire an eighties DJ who has a playlist with hundreds of famous eighties songs.

Eighties contest

Let your guests show of all there 80’s skills and organise a nostalgic contest at your party’s. Some funny ideas are:

  • A break dancing contest
  • A Rubik’s cube contest
  • A moon-walking contest
  • An air-guitar contest

Amazing 80’s decorations

You’ll need to set the mood for your eighties party with the best decorations. Cover the walls with movie posters from the eighties and posters of 80’s popstars, get a strobe light and rent a projector to play old 80’s videoclips or movies on a wall.

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