What is carbon fabric fiber?

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Carbon fabric fiber is an important material. It is everywhere and we use it every day. Carbon fabric fiber is used in different kind of products and production processes. Almost everyone has a product with fiber at home, like a bicycle, a fiber wallet of jewellery. Even though carbon fabric fiber is an indispensable material, many people still don’t know what it is.

Carbon fabric fiber is a polymer. It is a strong, very lightweight material and it’s characterized by a very small stretch. Carbon yarn consists of thousands of extremely thin carbon fibers. These fibers are extremely thin and have a thickness of about 5 until 10 microns.

Made of acrylic fibers

Carbon fabric fiber is made of acrylic fibers. These fibers are carbonized through pyrolysis at temperatures up to 3000 degrees Celsius. Carbon fibers consist of elongated carbon crystals, which are oriented parallel to the fiber axis. Al these thin carbon fibers are combined to form a yarn that can be used for many different products, like woven carbon fabrics and tapes, multi-layer fabrics and taped, non-woven carbon materials and braided sleeves.

Used as reinforcement material

Carbon fabric fiber is used as reinforcement material, in combination with synthetic resin, to produce strong and lightweight composites, also known as Fiber Reinforced Plastics. This material is ideal for serial production processed like: resin transfer molding, hand lay-up, resin injection, etc. The black colour and the gloss of the fiber is giving your products a distinguished look.

Important properties of carbon fabric fiber

Some important properties of carbon fabric fiber materials are:

Not oxidize under the influence of water and oxygen

Lower density than steel

High stiffness

High tensile strength

High temperature resistance

Electrically conductive

Low expansion coefficient

Used in various end-uses and applications

Due to all these properties carbon fabric fiber composites are very suitable for applications which need to be low weighted, highly strengthened and stiff.   Carbon fabric fiber can be used in various structural and non-structural end-uses and applications, like the automotive industry, yacht building, the aviation industry, sports equipment and orthopedic supplies.


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